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Monk, Angkor Wat, Cambodia

  • How can I be excellent at this?
  • What details do I really need to pay attention to, or improve?
  • What else can I do to improve this?

I was reading Tony Robbins this morning, then went in an Hermes shop at lunch; the two, combined, made me think of these questions on the walk back.  I don’t live my life actively searching for excellence; if it happens, great, but I don’t ask myself how I can improve nearly enough, much less excel.  That is frustrating to me – I feel as if I’ve wasted time.  “What do I need to do to excel beyond my wildest imaginations of my capabilities?” isn’t the question; it’s simply searching for excellence, not tomorrow, not even today, but right now, in this moment.

On cultural appropriation

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King Bhumibol Adulyadej of Thailand, who loved jazz and played a mean sax.  This was painted on a wall outside his palace in Bangkok.  The love that the Thais had for their King was incredible.

“Without cultural appropriation we would not be able to eat Italian food, listen to reggae, or go to Yoga. Without cultural appropriation we would not be able to drink tea or use chopsticks or speak English or apply algebra, or listen to jazz, or write novels. Almost every cultural practice we engage in is the byproduct of centuries of cross-cultural pollination. The future of our civilization depends on it continuing…victimhood culture only exists in certain insulated bubbles. It is by no means the dominant moral culture in the United States, nor any other nation—yet. Most of us still live in a dignity culture where equality, diversity, and inclusion remain paramount principles to aspire to.”

One of the best, most thought-provoking pieces I’ve read in a long, long time.

In My Solitude

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img_7148My brother in law sent me this article about the glories of solitude and boredom.  It reminds me of the scene in Inglorious Basterds when Shoshana is in the bar, reading alone in a back room, smoking a cigarette.  Since seeing that, I’ve had this intensely beautiful dream to have a nice, quiet place, with old wooden tables and a view of a cobblestone street, and a place to have a drink and read without being rushed. 

There’s absolutely no reason why I can’t do that other than myself.