Hi, my name is Stephanie and I found one of your quotes at the shaker square rapid station. I wanted to ask what made you write what you did? Personal experience? Why did you pick that place to put it? why do you post all over the city? I just wanted a little insight on your feelings behind the things you write. I really do enjoy finding things like this but I also would like to know the story behind it! Keep being great and inspiring!


Hi Stephanie,
I’m so excited you found one! They’re actually all quotes from On the Road which I had to read in my American Literature class this semester. We were assigned to do a creative response on any of the texts we used and On the Road has always been one of my favorite books. It has a bunch of great misanthropic quotes in it. So I thought it would be interesting make labels with some of my favorite quotes and put them at bus or train stops. Almost all of them were places I walk by or go to every day. I actually live a block away from Shaker Square. I picked the quotes that really resonated with me or with where I was going to put them. Like last week I put one about suitcases on the curb by ground at a Megabus stop downtown. Thanks for your question, I hope I answered it sufficiently.


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