I can’t wait till this beast arrives, as I’ve had numerous issues nearly dropping my much smaller, 5/8’s straight razor’s, because of my big-ass hands. This is my custom, Silverloaf “Biggin” straight Razor that I am currently waiting for, that was a gift from my wife for my birthday on August 19. This Razor is much bigger so I am hoping I don’t have any issues, such as dropping it and/or (NEARLY) dropping it and grabbing it, while cutting my finger, like I did yesterday. Lol. This one has a 98 blade width. The blade made from 01 high carbon tool steel, and features a smiling cutting edge, 14 hollow to near wedge grind, flat sided spine with brass inlays, and an extended tail.
As for as Rockwell hardness is concerned, he doesn’t actually measure HRC, however according to the heat treat schedule he follows, it should result in a hardness in the lower 60s. Silverloaf says he aims for a good combination and balance of edge retention/keenness, with ease of use/ease of honing and stropping. His benchmark he follows, is the old Sheffield straight razor style blades. He says that, following the same heat treat schedule, has consistently gotten him excellent results and blades that shave on par, with or better, than the old Sheffields and half as easy to maintain. I can’t wait to get this one in hand and give it a trial run on the old whiskers LOL

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