The case for wood | 1843

After reading this, I bought one of the Oree keyboards in maple, with a leather sleeve, as a treat to myself for my birthday, and because my previous keyboard – a cheap one from Amazon – kept dropping the Bluetooth signal, and because I’m learning to code and I want to enjoy it.

Yes, it is a keyboard. But a few hours into using it, I can already see the keys absorbing oil from my hands, and I can tell that as I use it more, as it gets chipped from travel across Europe and Asia in the next few months, as the leather sleeve absorbs residual water left on cafe or bar tables that were just wiped down by dirty rags, as it responds when I write blog posts or emails to my parents or code or business plans, this is going to be a valuable tool. If it lasts a year, it’s worth 50p a day, just to add to the joy of typing and contribute to making the experience of life more beautiful.

The case for wood | 1843

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