Morning Habits

6:00 – Wake Up, hold wife for three minutes
6:03 – get out of bed, start kettle, empty pint jar of pre-cooked carrots/onions/garlic/broccoli/kale into bowl, microwave. Cook three free range eggs in unpasteurised French butter on a blackened antique Amish griddle. Make green tea for Alice; two shots of espresso in an Aeropress for myself, with butter and coconut oil.
6:15 – eat.
6:30 – shower, shave, dress. Alice usually sits on the closed toilet lid and talks to me.
7:00 – Leave for train.
7:08 – twenty minutes of meditation on the train.
7:28 – fifteen minutes of journaling.
7:43 – read Dale Carnegie, think.
7:59 – bus to work. Listen to a Tony Robbins Personal Power series. Think about how to dominate the day.

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