Consciously Creating a Power Couple

I have spent most of the last year mostly off of social media. I sometimes go on Facebook to post things I think are important (VOTE PEOPLE!), or Twitter because my wife tags me in something, but I’ve tried to get off of most of these channels to focus more on the things that actually matter in life. (Cal Newport also had a big impact on my thinking.)

So today, I went on Instagram and saw one of my oldest friends reference a relationship she is in…with someone who looked suspiciously like one of our mutual friends, Leanne.

Further stalking/investigation confirmed it: two of my favorite people in Chicago were dating, and both looked more confident, happy and self-assured than I had ever seen them.

But in their posts, they often referred to each other as a “power couple.” It seemed that it was important to them that they were part of a working relationship, that they supported each other in their ambitions, that they looked out for each other, that they were both focused on their own path and contributed to the path and development of the other. It was clearly intentional, and it looked like it was doing amazing things for them both, in all aspects of their lives.

I began to think of the way we describe ourselves, and the impact of our stories, can have on our lives. For them, it turned a relationship into a modified relationship; they knew and respected and loved each other, but they also knew what they wanted out of each other. What if everyone went into relationships knowing the story that we wanted to live out in that relationship? What would people do differently if they were part of a “power couple” of their own – regardless of what “power” meant to you? It doesn’t have to be Frank and Claire Underwood; it could simply be organizing a great clambake every year, raising healthy and intelligent children, and supporting a spouse in their own endeavors, and feeling that reciprocation. Defining success, and helping each other get to success – that is a power couple.

I’ll be thinking a lot about this in the next few days, and I’m sure I’ll have more thoughts. Regardless, Bianca and Leanne, I love you both, and I love you together.

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