An Edinburgh Sunset


We know that the weather will change in a few months, and it will get colder.  The leaves will fall, the winds will howl, and it will be harder to get fresh flowers every week – something that Alice and I promised each other we’d do, just because we both love having flowers in the flat.  And it will get lighter later and darker earlier every day until December 22 or so, and even after that, for a few months, it will feel like we’re in a land of very long nights.

But we’ll still buy flowers at Narcissus, and try to grow mint, and burn candles.  We’ll read books, and cook butternut squash soup and chicken curry and basmati rice and organic yogurt and steamed vegetables and cajun pulled pork in our Instant Pot, and bundle up in blankets, and look out our western windows whenever we can to watch the sunset, knowing that the summer will come again.


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