The best new iOS feature: one button

Just look at that green beauty.  I could kiss it.

By far, the best feature of the new iOS is the ability to, with a swipe and a tap, turn off the mobile data and turn it into a dumb phone.  This used to involve going into settings, then mobile data, then tapping over; it was more of a hassle than just turning the phone onto airplane mode.

But without mobile data, the phone uses less power, is less invasive, and it is so so so nice to know that you can work with fewer interruptions.  Cal Newport would smile.

May the software gods and goddesses bless whoever insisted that this be a feature.  I can’t imagine it was easy to say, “We should make it easy to massively reduce the functionality of our phones.”  But this, in my opinion, is the best new feature of the new iOS.

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