Sunday Questions

Magila, on the peak above Levuka.

My daily questions are good for getting me in a good state, and for reminding me of things I can focus on that make me feel phenomenal.  But I had the thought this morning: what if I were to ask questions once a week that were a bit more high-level and could guide how I planned my time?  What if I was to ask questions regularly that re-oriented my life and planning to higher-value activities and goals?  It seems obvious, perhaps, but this is definitely not something that I have ever done; I’ve done weekly planning, but I haven’t been as intentional about questioning myself on how I might improve.  It’s a subtle distinction, perhaps, but I think it’s going to prove valuable in the next few years.

In a few minutes I came up with a starter list, that I’m sure I will be adding to regularly:

  • What do I want to accomplish this week?
  • What high-value activities should I engage in?
  • What physical skills do I want to develop in the next seven days?
  • What do I want to learn this week?
  • Who do I want to make contact with this week?
  • What foods do I want to consume?
  • What changes can I make this week that will improve my life?
  • What book do I want to read this week?
  • What websites or apps do I want to avoid this week?  (For me, every week: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram…)
  • What low-value activities do I want to stop doing?
  • What can I do to contribute to my relationships this week?
  • What can I do to improve the lives of the people I care about?
  • What can I do to improve my life by 1% every day?
  • What habits should I work on every day to try to make them unconscious?
  • What can I focus on that will yield more happiness in my life?

If anyone else does this, I’d be very interested in hearing your thoughts.



  1. I wrote these down in my daily to-do notebook and immediately called an old friend. As always, thanks for the inspiration.


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