Burning Robes


One of the things I wanted to get better at on the trip was anticipating photographs – seeing when a photographable situation was going to occur, and then putting myself in place to capture it at the right moment.  It’s a lot more difficult than I anticipated, because it really requires putting the pieces of the picture together in your head, then setting the dials on your camera (anticipating what you think you’ll need), then timing your shot – particularly if there are moving pieces.

This was, I think, one of my few successes.  I was walking down the hallway when I saw a woman walk through this shaft of afternoon light, her hair illuminated perfectly; then this monk rounded the corner and I realized it was going to strike his robes in the same manner.  I raced through the doorway, my fingers working the controls of my camera, raising it to my eye just as he broke out of the shadow into the sun; I only got one shot out before he ducked his head down through the doorway.  When I checked the screen, though – well, I was pretty proud of what I’d captured.

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