65: Turn This Ship Around!


The Scrum Master at my work recommended Turn This Ship Around! and, strangely, it was in my pile of “should read this soon” books.  It was, he said, the greatest leadership book he’d ever read, and because I respect him as a thinker and leader, I put it in my bag.

It took me about four days to get through this.  There are some remarkable lessons in it, and I was impressed; I’ve already started saying, “I intend to…” when I remember to, which is about once a day, and it is having good effects.  But it’s the sort of book to read slowly, a chapter…I was going to write a chapter a day, but really, a chapter a week, or every two weeks, meditating on the lessons and then working to implement them, because really, they’re habits that have to form, not ideas to learn about that will change your life just by knowing them.  In fact, that’s what I’m going to do: I’m going to form a group to implement these changes where I can.



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